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Lao Tzu and Tao Te Ching Revealed

A 10-lesson email course for beginners


  • Course Description

Tao Te Ching is a handbook of wisdom composed by Lao Tzu, several thousands years ago, at the request of Yin Hsi, the Guardian of the pass. The Book presents a way of life aiming at attaining one's goals, according to the Tao (the supreme power of the universe), and avoid failure.

Unfortunately the meaning of the text is often difficult to seize due to the Chinese ancient language and the use of complex metaphors - therefore we created this guide to the basics, intended for beginners.

In short, we teach you about the concepts developed in Tao Te Ching and mainly explain their meaning (see the summary below).

More online resources are also suggested should you wish to learn more deeply.

  • Summary

1. Who Was Lao Tzu
2. Introduction to the Tao Te Ching (name, structure, content)
3. English Versions of the Book (what's the best)
4. What Is Tao?
5. What Is Te?
6. What Is Wu (emptiness)?
7. What Is Wu-Wei (nondoing)?
8. Yin and Yang in Tao Te Ching
9. The Valley Spirit (female mystery)
10. Lao Tzu and Taoism

  • Online Quiz

Upon completing the course you may take the online quiz to test your acquired knowledge (not mandatory).

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The course consists in ten lessons sent through email. You'll receive them on a schedule of one lesson every two days. This way you have enough time to read them all.

  • Online Support

Should you need help with the teachings, you may register with our forum and start posting your questions in no time.

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